The euro is rising further

EU chairman Draghi tried to talk down the euro yesterday but his attempt failed. The euro is rising further and is now the highest point since January 2015.

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New rules from Brussels will cost asset managers around $5000 per hour

The new European rules that will apply next year will affect asset managers. The bill that an analyst is going to write is a bit higher. Estimates are around $ 5,000 per hour.

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The Japanese big bank MUFG chooses possible for Amsterdam as its place of residence now the United Kingdom continues the Brexit.


This has consequences for the 2100 employees now working in London. They may be transferred to Amsterdam or need a new job. Paris is also an option for securities trading within the European Union. But Amsterdam seems to be favorite in the board.It's a nice addition to the Netherlands as it continues because other big financials often chose Frankfurt after the Brexit.

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