The euro is rising further

EU chairman Draghi tried to talk down the euro yesterday but his attempt failed. The euro is rising further and is now the highest point since January 2015.

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New rules from Brussels will cost asset managers around $5000 per hour

The new European rules that will apply next year will affect asset managers. The bill that an analyst is going to write is a bit higher. Estimates are around $ 5,000 per hour.

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The price of a barrel of  Brent crude oil has been very low for a long time. OPEC's export restrictive measures do not bring the expected price increase they wanted. The price for a barrel of crude oil rose slightly last Friday to just over $ 50. Analysts expect the price to rise further to $ 60 as more export-restrictive measures have been agreed.


The ECB has been trying to get European inflation at 2% for years. The oil price is an important ingredient. The buy-back program of the ECB is partly offset by the low oil price. Inflation does not yet reach the desired level.


Chart Crude Oil


Also, production in Libya and Iran is affected. Libya is exempt from export restrictive measures to allow the country to grow and rebuild the economy. The production of oil has risen in Libya to the highest point in 4 years. And also Iran may increase production to levels before the sanctions were announced. In addition, the number of installations in the US has increased by 2 over the past week. For consumers and companies who consume a lot of oil, this news is of course positive. Although the low price of oil does not work directly on the pump, they notice a slight fall in fuel prices.

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