The euro is rising further

EU chairman Draghi tried to talk down the euro yesterday but his attempt failed. The euro is rising further and is now the highest point since January 2015.

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New rules from Brussels will cost asset managers around $5000 per hour

The new European rules that will apply next year will affect asset managers. The bill that an analyst is going to write is a bit higher. Estimates are around $ 5,000 per hour.

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The AEX was on track to book a nice week win. However, on the last trading day, falling prices of tech stocks in the US drove the senitment. Everyone was waiting for the FED's interest rate decision. This brought no surprises. No changes in the interest rate decision and no sense play on any increase


Because the FED did not take decisive decisions, the dollar continued to be under pressure. The euro therefore rose to 1.17. Partly due to the political tensions. President Donald Trump is struggling to get his growth plans from the ground.


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